Step into Love

Art By Autumn is celebrating its one year anniversary by opening their doors for a special event. 

ALITY Designs, a California-made luxury clothing brand will be showcasing its van pop-up shop and debut collection, LAYERS, featuring the Drip Trip Hat, a collaboration with Autumn Love.

Bri Schillings, local singer/songwriter will be performing a live set.

La Clochette will provide food & the espresso bar will be open.

Open Source Skateboards will have 3 hand shaped skateboards for sale and on display. 

Typewriter Troubadour will be typing poetry.

Enjoy Yourself Designs will have handmade 'love' jewelry for sale and on display. 

Delicious baked treats made by a local private chef will be provided.

Complimentary wine will be available.

The event is free and will run from 6-9 pm.

Art by Autumn is located at 4684 Cass St.

ALITY Designs is California-made low-key luxury, made to fit all of who you are. Founded by San Diego native, Ality Richardson, the brand blends the gender binary and brings high-quality, comfortable, timeless designs to life.

Born and raised in a small family business, Ality made it her mission to source, design and manufacture ethically and sustainably in Los Angeles, California. The brand participates in the slow-fashion movement and prides itself on quality, comfort, attention to detail, small-batch production, and handmade cut & sew manufacturing.

ALITY Designs launched its debut collection, LAYERS, in the Fall of 2022 and just recently released its second drop of styles, featuring the Drip Trip Hat, its first artist collaboration and accessory with Autumn Love. The clothing can be purchased online at or from its newest pop-up, ALITY Van, which you'll surely spot around town.

Autumn Love is a local San Diego advocate, artist and gallery owner on a mission to heal the world through spreading love. Her art is loving energy transferred and translated into colorful creations and messages in all forms and sizes, ranging from greeting cards, lovemugs, and canvases, to inspirational chalk messages on sidewalks and large murals on buildings. Most art is a combination of vibrant, abstract color layered with ‘love’, positive words and nature. Autumn’s art is a reminder and inspiration to ignite the love that already exists within everyone. Love is medicine. Love heals. Love is miraculous and changes the world

Bri Schillings is a local singer songwriter and the lead singer of her band Sweet Imperfections. Driven by her desire to make a difference, Bri’s love for learning, growing, and expanding her horizons transcends through her music and invites listeners on an intimate thought provoking journey. She has always had a deep appreciation for community and connection. She thrives on building relationships and getting to know people from all walks of life. “There's something truly magical about the way we can learn and grow through our interactions with others”

She believes in living authentically, embracing every moment, and embraces challenges with open arms, knowing that they are opportunities for growth, self-improvement and a deeper compassion and connection with others. She has an insatiable wanderlust that drives her to explore new places, experience different cultures, and immerse herself in the beauty of this world. Her determination, passion, and motivation are contagious, inspiring those around her to push their limits and reach for the stars. Her music continues to make waves in the world and leaves a lasting impact on the lives of others.