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Give Love the Mic (Preorder - BULK)

Give Love the Mic (Preorder - BULK)

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Preorder your copy of Give Love the Mic, Autumn Love's latest love advocacy endeavor. This is where coloring book meets journal meets diary meets soulful writing prompt meets YOU. This is your space to be you. Give love the mic. Listen to love. Let love lead. May this space inspire you to be authentic and tap into your deepest truth. 

This is Autumn's first compiled collection of personal entries extracted directly from her notebooks. The contents are unedited, real, messy, pure and raw. Autumn uses her past notebooks (aka her past self) to help her through hard times or simply needs to be reminded who she is. Her notebooks serve as her very own bible/ medicine/ healing words. May this book serve something of the sort for you, too. May your current and previous self help your future self. May you forever learn and grow through and with you. 

May these love snippets guide you to your heart. May these love doodles calm and sooth you. May they lead you into your soul.

This book is 8.5 X 5.5 inches and contains 48 pages.

Notebook designed by The Photo Book Artist @thephotobookartist

Printed by Copy Cove in La Jolla, California

Copyright 2023


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